Welcome to Ride the Divide!  This site is dedicated to keeping you updated on Brett and Ty's summer 2008 bike trip from Canada to Mexico via the Rockies. We’ve really enjoyed watching the plans for this trip grow from an idea into a soon to be reality, and are psyched get out there and pedal! One of the largest obstacles we are faced with in the planning and carrying out of this trip, aside from the Rockies, is coming up with the funds needed to purchase all the essentials for the ride. We are super thankful for the generous support we’ve received so far from all of those in the support section of our menu. If anyone is interested in providing additional support, in any form, we would really appreciate it. We encourage anyone interested in the trip to write in our guestbook or shoot us an email.


                                                                            Brett, Ty, and Charlie


        Our mission statement centers on our society's increasing need for alternatives to our current practices. With carbon emissions continuing to steadily climb, lifestyles need tweaking. While hybrids, solar power, nuclear, and wind energy are just some of the alternatives currently employed, we’ve focused on something even simpler, the bicycle!  The bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation.  We are out to spread the word that cycling is a fun way reduce your carbon-footprint while staying healthy, and enjoying the fresh air you’re helping preserve! So join us, hop on a bike, and start making a difference today!




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